In 2018 and 2019 Barbarella sailed from her home port La Rochelle via Portugal, Gibraltar, Spain, Italy, Cape Verde, Barbados, and Martinique to Saint Vincent

Where we are right now:


In our business lives of the past 25 or so years we had done a lot of planning and execution of plans. What we have realized recently is that even extremely well executed plans typically do not result in anything better than what you have planned for. So we have some plans for sailing in 2020 but they might change for something even better :-). With this in mind, please find our planned whereabouts for 2020 below.

In Tenerife we found a great cruising planning tool which we used to do our 2020 planning

2020 tour planning

January and February 2020:

March 2020:

April 2020

May to October 2020

November and December 2020

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